The greater your storm, the brighter your rainbow. – Unknown

For most women, pregnancy and new motherhood is a joy – at least some of the time. But for some it is not easy at all.

When Nidhi got in touch for an infant session and took me through her journey of motherhood, I knew I had to meet them all. She explained how they wanted a very different theme to the whole session, since their baby boy Abeer was a rainbow baby. They had lost their first child, a daughter, an year ago.

Grateful for having got the opportunity to capture some frames for them. And thanks Nidhi for sharing your experience …

“My journey to motherhood has been very long and arduous. It has been filled with despair, tears and darkness and yet, here I am alive and breathing to share my story and to give hope to those that await their miracle. After a never ending struggle to become a mother including visits to doctors and a miscarriage we were incredibly overjoyed when we got to know I was expecting. We had moved to Germany a few yeas back and that is where we got to know we were expecting a little girl who we named “Paakhi”. After we crossed the dreaded first trimester we were so relieved. However, my baby girl decided she wanted to come out early. Due to her early arrival she had to be admitted in the NICU. She was doing well in the NICU until after 39 days she caught a deadly infection that led to sepsis and we lost our baby forever in 2017. They say that the smallest coffins have the heaviest burden. The pain of losing our first and only child cannot be described in words. Our world had come to an end and all I could see was a long , dark tunnel of hopelessness and despair. I was a mother with aching arms and an aching heart. However, our lives changed course when we got to know we were expecting our second baby…our rainbow baby. A rainbow baby is the life that follows the storm of a heartbreaking loss, and conceiving a rainbow baby is a testament of enormous faith in life and love. Our second child arrived safely in this world in Nov 2018 and we have named him “Abeer”.  Abeer means color and our rainbow boy has added unimaginable colors and joy in our lives.

“Loving your baby does not mean that you have forgotten the child you lost. Children want their parents to be happy and fulfilled, so finding happiness and being open to joy with your new baby is one of the greatest ways you can honor your baby’s memory.” — Carolyn Wagner, MA, LPC

Adorable Abeer took my breath away with his innocent grey-blue eyes and his little hands seen from within the folds of his romper.


Family photographs boost your child’s self-esteem and their sense of belonging to the family as their very own safe nest.

Relationships are such an important part of life. Infact, they may well be the most important aspect of one’s life. In today’s time, time is always short. There is so much to do and get done, and the easiest to put aside for a while, is time with our near and dear ones. After all, they will always be there…something we would want to believe but sadly may not stay as true.

This is something that drives me at work. It is the very essence I wish to capture in my frames. With every family photography portrait session I do, I strive to capture the relationship and bonds in their purest form. I truly believe, that a good family picture on the wall, is a constant reminder of how the family and those in it are important to one another. Waking up every morning to a happy family picture is surely a blessed way to start each day. It reminds us of who we are and what our family stands for before we are forced to zone out into our respective work zones.

My recent session with a beautiful mother and her two gorgeous daughters at my studio, was truly an amazing one. Each of them were unique individuals and yet together they were truly one.



The first year of your lil’ one in your life is a very special year, both for you as parents and also the developmental changes your baby goes through.

I am often asked what is the right time to take pictures. So here I have put together a list of the first-year milestones, which are beautiful experiences as a parent and equally important for a photographer to document the journey. These sessions are planned at milestones and not a specific age, since all babies grow at a different pace.