I love to capture the beauty and purity of relationships, and that is the one thing that drives each family photography session of mine. But soon it will be difficult to photograph the endearing smiles since these will no longer be visible. The must wear pollution mask is what I call the “Black Barrier”.

For some time now, I have been working on a personal project to highlight and raise awareness about the situation of air pollution that we all are facing. Please do leave your thoughts on how we can be part of the change.

Read more about it on my blog “The Black Barrier”

“Hey Mama. How was your day?
Can’t really find out from what you say.
Your eyes sometimes lighten up,
Sometimes they are grey.

Hey Mama, What have I done?
To have made you so sad.
Please forgive me,
If I have been bad.

Remove that black thing covering your face,
Let me see your smile,
that reminds me of Gods grace.”

– Rhea Sodhi
(Written by my daughter for this picture)

“Hey my little one, yet to be born
Soon it’ll get brighter,
I’ll be able to hold you tighter.

Hey little me, you are my joy
You are so very dear,
Yet you look at me with eyes full of fear.

Forgive me for having ruining this world for you.
I’ll try my best to keep you safe from all the flu.
I’ll try my best to make it better,
Like in the books, where the skies were bluer

When I could hold you both close to my heart,
Without a thing to worry about,
the thought of our lives falling apart.”

– Rhea Sodhi
(Written by my daughter for this picture)

“Thank you for bringing me down to Earth.
Back there, they call it the Blue Planet.
They say it is Green, And that the air you breathe is Clean.

I hear, it’s all changed now.
Should I just open my eyes and see what’s true.
Or do I just dream that the Earth is Green
And that the air I breathe is Clean.”